by Blind Eye

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released June 20, 2014

Recorded and produced by Drew Lawson at Steel City Studios.



all rights reserved


Blind Eye Sheffield, UK

Steel City Emos.

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Track Name: Losing War
Shut your fucking mouth,
And keep out of what doesn't concern you,
You only make things worse,
And not even with good intentions.

Used to seem so harmless,
But now the mask is off your colours are shining through,
You won't pull the wool over my eyes,
Though you've clearly left others blind.

Unfounded lies,
You've gone, from tolerated,
To straight up despised.
I see, through everything,
Where others don't,
You think you'll win me round,
You fucking won't.

Save your breath.
You're fighting a losing war.

So shut your fucking mouth,
And keep out of what doesn't concern you,
You only make things worse,
Not even with good intentions.

Save your breath,
You're fighting a losing war.
Track Name: Rafters
I'll show you who's a waste of space,
Who needs to grow and show some maturity,
Who needs to care for the ones they love,
Who needs to show some responsibility.

Spit all your fucking lies,
When you call gone one in the morning,
But I'm the one who cares,
While you're getting pissed and bawling.

You're only friends the glass,
And it's not as transparent as you,
If only it could speak,
And let you know what everyone knows you thinks.

Stick in your fucking sixpence,
So deluded you think it'll help us,
But I'd have no regrets in standing,
And watching as you swing from the rafters.

Smoke and mirrors,
A silhouette,
I will never forgive,
I will never forget.

In your own home,
Once so happy, now so broken and destitute,
You brought this on yourself,
With your fucking self-pitying attitude.